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project 013
Spalted-top Strat


Had this spalted maple burl top set for some time now and it's figure asked for a strat. Well, I thought I could just go ahead and build one.

Then came the question how to glorify that crazy wood grain. There could have been a hundred different choices, but I decided - without a possible turning back later... - to go for a bright red stain against the natural beige of the burly part clearly separated by the natural spalt lines present in the timber. Best choice? Not sure, but it turned out to be a polarizing, one-of-a-kind instrument. Love or hate thing...

Has a basswood main body and maple neck with the now-usual inlayed fretboard (ebony). 

The pickups are Fender fat 50's at the neck and middle and a Seymour Duncan SSL-5 at the bridge bringing the David Gilmour vibes, but can also be unbelievably clean

The finish is sanded back on the back of the neck for a silky smooth touch and excellent playability.

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