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project 014
Golden LP


Who doesn't want a goldtop? I did. But if it's gold let it be real gold, right? Also, I didn't just want a P90 goldtop copy, but something that has its own soul and personality. 

Started with a beautiful piece of 100+ years old ash timber that I salvaged from my uncle's place. It served as a hall tabletop in it's former life. I wanted to keep that gorgeous grain popping through, so the timber got burnt and brushed to emphasize it prior to gold leafing. 

Mahogany body and neck, rosewood fretboard.

I am a physicist. That explains the choice of the fret marker inlay being Dirac's equation. Nerdy, but cool. I think.

Gretsch pickups dominate its sound characteristics, which is twangy and clean and delicious. Finally, its character is so far from a stock goldtop that I still really want one... 

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