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project 011
Pale Green Jazz


Roasted swamp ash body, flame maple neck and ebony fretboard. This is a gem! I always wanted a jazzmaster and I needed to build one to finally play one! My favourite so far.

I got the 65' vintage Fender PU's and best hardware you can get. I also spent a lot of time modifying the genuine Fender bridge to stop it from buzzing. I used a Japanese bridge for the Jaguar in project No001 and it was great out of the box, but here the genuine US bridge needed a lot of tweaking to get there... 

The finish is as simple as it gets, the neck has a brown taint to pop the grain and a super thin nitrocellulose that is hand polished and then sanded back on the back of the neck for great feel. The body is painted chalky mint green and then after some light relicing covered with a simple coat of nitro. It feels like wood. It plays so good, I'll never sell this one!

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