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Hi, I’m Akos,

I started building guitars back in the 90's using the carpentry heritage of my grandfather,  with basic old fashioned tools and the materials I could get my hands on at the time.  This ranged from an apple church bench from two hundred years ago to parts from my mum's drinks trolley.  That trolley is still in use but lacking structural stability...


Then I went on to have a conventional education and career but did not give up building guitars and keeping this passion alive. Now three decades later, I'm an engineer, a physicist, and an expert in coffee machine development. I recently studied for another degree in data science and machine learning. I have a cool day job but I also find time to pursue my true passion, which is of course, working with wood and creating.

I do furniture, interior design, amps and speaker cabinets but first and foremost guitars. All sorts; acoustic, classical, electro-acoustic, electric, bass, ukuleles... 

I don't want to change the world of guitars with crazy innovation, just create beautiful, great sounding, great playing instruments from the best materials I can source.  Of course I only use timber with sustainable sourcing and prefer local varieties to exotics/import whenever possible. 


I do it for myself, not intending to build this up as a business as it would lose its charm and force me to make compromises. That said, my house is filling up with instruments and however painful it would be I might be able to part with one or two of them.

I share my passion through this site. Please feel free to contact me for a chat on guitars or anything really. Also, if you fell in love with one of my creations or consider asking me to build a truly unique one-off instrument for you, I just might.


Chables, August 2021 





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